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Prompt workshop
Inject variables and metadata in prompts
Tag Inferences and Evaluations
Evaluation Analytics
Observability Analytics
60 day metrics retention
7 days log retention


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Unlimited requests
Ability to define custom LLM and  Heuristic Scores
Model Comparison
Evaluation Analytics
Export Detailed Reports
Customizable Metrics and Log Retention


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Evaluable AI offers seamless integrations, streamlining the process of comparing and evaluating model responses, thus saving valuable time otherwise spent on tedious time consuming tasks


Principal Data Scientist @ Walmart

Evaluable AI makes it super easy to run prompts through templates. It is also a great framework to manage prompts across experiments and models and analyze the effectiveness of these prompts.


SDE @ Amazon

Since integrating Evaluable AI, we have been able to iterate 4x faster to develop new fine- tuned models and compare performances with previous versions. Evaluable AI offers great API integrations and an easy to understand UI for clearly understanding and evaluating model performance.


Founder @ Finvest


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